Action Plan 2022-2023




Success Criteria



1. Standardise SUES operations
2. Agree the future direction of SUES
3. Set a strategic direction for SUES
4. Up-date university extensionism
5. Complete SUES independence
1. SUES logo/strapline created and used
2. Committee Away Day enabled
3. SUES Action Plan created
4. Vision/Mission statements published
5. All necessary SUES policies in place


1. Re-set Treasurer arrangements
2. Modernise SUES systems
3. Provide a long-term oversight
4. Improve accounting procedures
5. Set up finance oversight
1. Signatories change in place
2. Secure on-line banking and debit card
3. Produce an annual year-end forecast
4. End of year arrangements re-organised
5. Accounts auditing arrangements set up


1. Increase standard programme
2. Enhance course offer
3. Introduce quality improvement
4. Increase university contributions
5. Improve committee reporting
1. Increase to six lectures achieved
2. Three full SUES courses operated
3. New evaluation system in place
4. PhD students’ involvement begun
5. Committee note only now on website

Event Management

1. Increase event independence
2. Improve audio quality of meetings
3. Ensure smooth ‘eventing’
4. Improve speaker engagement
5. Match event resources to need
1. All Saints key holding secured
2. Portable speaker system in place
3. Event guidance documents up-dated
4. Standardised speaker form being used
5. An event resource inventory in place


1. Ensure continuity arrangements
2. Modernise enrolment systems
3. Attendance data analysed
4. Improve SUES community reach
5. Barriers to participation identified
1. Shadow systems/personnel in place
2. Cash and cheques phased out
3. Analysis feeds into actioning
4. Membership numbers increased
5. Questionnaire used and analysed


1. Further community involvement
2. Extend university involvement
3. Secure direct university links
4. Take up the use of university offer
5. Understand university outreaching
1. Partner organisations contacted
2. Links to local universities firmed up
3. SUES committee augmented
4. University presentations secured
5. Paper on outreach systems produced


1. Formalise SUES message and offer
2. Improve SUES advertising
3. Standardise SUES presentations
4. New UES presentation finalised
5. Spreading the UES message
1. SUES programme handouts produced
2. Posters displayed in new places
3. Two SUES banners produced
4. The UES Presentation is delivered
5. SUE Movement anniversary planned


1. Ensure continuity arrangements
2. Increase the variety of articles
3. Improve members’ involvement
4. Extend the reach of FORUM
5. Standardise SUES communications
1. Shadow systems/personnel in place
2. FORUM produced with regularity
3. Contributions from members increased
4. Half-yearly members’ review introduced
5. Non-members’ access enabled