How to Join

SUES, like all University Extension Societies was founded to both encourage and enable people to access and enjoy learning outside of the formal education system. To that end, we seek to reduce or remove any barriers to enable people to join in the learning opportunities we provide.

The first way is by keeping the cost of joining low. Currently, while the country is in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, all sessions are online and there is no cost to joining SUES and accessing the virtual lectures and courses.

Once it is possible again to meet up as members and enjoy face-to-face learning and fellowship, then an annual membership fee will once again be required. Nevertheless, this will be only £10.00 per year.

The annual fee enables members to attend every lecture and also sign up for courses. These will carry an additional fee but this will, as would expected, be at a relatively low rate.

Payment can be made at any of the meetings and can also be arranged at other times by contacting either John Sharp (Membership) or Bob Neate (Treasurer) whose contact details are outlined on the contacts page. You can also print out and fill in our registration form here and payment can also be made directly and electronically.

The second way learning is made readily available is by holding meeting, lectures and courses at All Saints Church Hall in Southport which offers ground floor, accessible accommodation and ample parking opportunities.

The third way is by supporting those returning to learning. The gatherings always offer a warm welcome, usually involving tea and biscuits and good fellowship. Lectures are given by experts who work hard to make their subjects accessible to non-specialists and understand that learning needs to be enjoyable as well as informative.

Finally, any potential members must feel free to use the contact details of any members of the committee if they wish to learn more about the Society and be reassured about coming along, joining in and enjoying learning with us.