Welcome to SUES

Alan Potter

As Chair, I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to the Southport University Extension Society, known as SUES, which is a long-standing organisation dedicated to providing university-level learning opportunities for everyone in the local area as outlined in our Vision Statement:

To improve the lives of people in the local community through quality learning that is accessible, inclusive and enjoyable.

I, and my colleagues on the SUES Committee, pride ourselves on taking bold steps to meet the needs of our members who wish to continue to learn with us alongside other education or after their formal education has finished, as our Mission Statement outlines:

To provide a range of opportunities to enable as many people as possible to gain the benefits from quality learning.

I have been immersed in education and learning throughout my life whether at universities, on-line or in local church halls, sometimes to gain qualifications, sometimes to learn a new skill and often just for enjoyment. It always feels uplifting to learn more about yourself as much as the subject and a chance to challenge yourself too, often with the support of fellow learners. It is a real bonus to have SUES in the community and, through it, to continue to have opportunities to hear about fascinating subjects from knowledgeable and interesting speakers. The social side of learning is also important to members and it is always enjoyable to have chats and discussions with members over a cup of tea and a biscuit at meetings.

On this website you will be able to find out more about who we are, the history of the organisation and its links with Liverpool University in particular. You will also be able to see some past events, the range of opportunities available in our current programme and also how to become a member. The cost of membership is kept very low through the Society using funds bequeathed to it to continue its work and encourage membership.

At a time when opportunities for learning in the community are decreasing, particularly for those in later life, we are pleased to continue to provide a programme of talks, courses and visits every year on topics that are varied and interesting and subjects often suggested by SUES members. I am pleased that the provision of talks and courses continued despite the coronavirus pandemic by moving opportunities on-line when needed. The establishment of the monthly electronic FORUM Magazine, containing information and activities, has also been very well received. Now I look forward to continuing to meet socially, to enjoy quality learning together and warmly welcoming new members too.

Alan Potter (Chair, Southport University Extension Society)