SUES Committee Meeting: 19/10/2020

Present – Hazel Fort (Chairman), Peter Firth, Roger Mitchell, Alan Potter, John Sharp

The meeting took place via Zoom, which (thanks to Alan) once again proved straightforward, effective and highly educational.

Minutes from previous Committee Meeting on Tuesday 13th October were approved and signed.

Matters Arising

Headed Notepaper – The Society does not have a stock of notepaper, but John has a stencil which will be updated, sent by email to the committee and used by them for any letters composed and printed on their computer.

Website – This is managed by Mike Parr and renewal fees for the coming year have been paid. It was agreed that a major update is required to fit the website for a larger future role.

Use of Zoom for Future Courses

This was an informal session managed by Alan in which we started to familiarise ourselves with the various opportunities that Zoom offered. In the short run, Zoom will enable some group activities to take place at a time when actual meetings are not possible. However, if and when normal meetings become possible again, it is expected that Zoom will continue to be used particularly be members who may have difficulty in attending live events.

We were able to have discussions for the full group and for sub groups and to show Powerpoint presentations and this has given us sufficient confidence to try an online course in November. Alan will host it, Roger will present it and other committee members will sit in on it, so that we can learn what works and what doesn’t. Helping members to use Zoom with confidence is just as important as exploring the travels of Samuel Pepys and Celia Fiennes.

Roger Mitchell

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