‘Such As I Am, A Male Without Equal’

One could think of some modern politicians who might have said this, but it is in fact the utterance of an Egyptian warlord of 4000 years ago. Ankhtifi, an important figure in the First Intermediate Period, was obviously no shrinking violet, as this statement was a regular refrain amongst the rather grandiose claims to be found in inscriptions around his tomb.

Dr Glenn Godenho, Senior Lecturer in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, introduced us to this fascinating character in his talk on ‘Pharoahs and Warlords’ at our meeting on 6th March. The First Intermediate Period came after the Old Kingdom, and it was a period without a Pharoah, in which there was a struggle between the warlords who might claim the title. We know of Ankhtiti from his tomb and the inscriptions. Dr Glenn Godenho used his considerable knowledge to interpret these statements and convert them into a credible history. One could almost hear the voice of Ankhtifi speaking to us from a distant past.

Dr Godenho’s expertise was accompanied by an immense enthusiasm for his subject and he held the rapt attention of his audience, whose subsequent questions showed how interest had been raised.  Once again, we have been lucky to have an absorbing and informative presentation.

John Sharp

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