SUES Committee Meeting: 22/11/2019

Present – Hazel Fort, Bob Neate, John Sharp, Roger Mitchell
Apologies from Peter Firth and Alan Potter

The record of the meeting held on 26th July 2019 was approved and signed.

With the approval of those present and the prior approval of Peter Firth and Alan Potter, Roger Mitchell was appointed as Secretary. His role will be to service the Committee including arranging dates for committee meetings, organising the agenda, writing the minutes, following up on matters arising and keeping records. John Sharp will continue to administer membership and course enrolment and, with support from Alan Potter, continue to produce and circulate the newsletter and update the website.

Matters arising from the previous committee meeting

  • A new laptop and appropriate software have been purchased along with a spare bulb for the projector. It was agreed that these should be kept by John Sharp so that they can be conveniently taken to All Saints Church Hall for use at meetings.
  • Bob Neate reported that he was still trying to extract the final payment of c£7,500 from the Solicitors dealing with the M.K.Wild bequest.
  • It was agreed that the list of authorised signatories for the Society’s Bank Account should be updated so that Hazel Fort, Bob Neate, John Sharp and Roger Mitchell were signatories with cheques signed by any two. The Bank (HSBC) requires various pieces of documentation, including the constitution of the society and arrangements were made for these to be provided so that Bob Neate could instruct HSBC to make the changes.

2019 – 2020 Programme

John Sharp was able to report that both membership and course enrolment were healthy. The Society has c60 members, attendance at Peter Firth’s course averaged 25 and produced very positive feedback, and the meeting on 22nd November was well attended. There are c30 enrolments for The Victorian Country House and the April Course on the Brain already has enough enrolments to be viable..


It has been confirmed that All Saints Church provides the venue, opens it before the meeting and locks it afterwards. However, the setting out of the room is the responsibility of SUES and is normally done by committee members and members attending the meeting. It is important that no-one should feel under any obligation to assist and that health and safety remain the top priority.

2020 – 2021 Programme

Planning for this needs to begin early in 2020. There was general agreement that current arrangements with Liverpool University should continue for 2020 – 2021 but should be reviewed after the completion of the 2019 – 2020 programme.

Feedback from Peter Firth’s course showed some support for ten (rather than seven) session courses. The committee will review this at the next meeting.

Next Meeting

This has been provisionally arranged for Friday 10th January at 3.30pm after the next lecture meeting at All Saints Church Hall. The Secretary will check with Peter Firth and Alan Potter.

Roger Mitchell

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