SUES Committee Meeting: 26/07/2019

(Present:  Hazel Fort, Bob Neate, John Sharp, Peter Firth)

The record of the meeting held on 17th June was approved and signed.

After a discussion on the need to update our arrangements for authorising cheques and bank transactions, the following resolution was agreed unanimously. (The absent members of the committee, Roger Mitchell and Alan Potter, had already submitted their advance approval of the new arrangements.)

  • It was agreed that Hazel Fort, Chair, and John Sharp, Membership Secretary, should be added to the list of authorised signatories.
  • It was further agreed that Bob Neate should remain a signatory and that Ian Howarth should remain a signatory until such time as cheques bearing his name have run out.

There was an update on the programme for 2019-20. We now have speakers for three single-day events and the fourth will be a collaborative effort. There has been an encouraging response to our recent publicity, both in terms of paid-up members, currently 35, and registration for the seven-session courses. Full records are being maintained in relation to these transactions. The university has provided some printed handbills advertising our programme, which are available for distribution.

The related questions of course-work and accreditation were raised. The university’s arrangements make the latter quite complex and if anyone is interested it should be taken up of an individual basis with the Continuing Education department. As regards any work which a course-member might voluntarily wish to present, it was suggested that course leaders would be happy to look at this on an informal basis.

Given the advance commitment to courses some time in the future, it was recognized that provision might be necessary if there was a significant change in personal circumstances.

  • It was agreed that reimbursement in appropriate circumstances would be considered up to one week before a course started or after one session had been attended. The treasurer and membership secretary have discretion to make decisions in these cases.

The purchase of a laptop has been authorized but not yet implemented. It was recognised that we need at least one spare bulb for the projector. It was clear that both a screen and an extension lead are available at the hall.

The next committee meeting will be held after the single-day event on 22nd November. However, if any problems arise in relation to the Autumn course a committee meeting will be convened before that date.

Bob Neate reported on the healthy position of our funds following receipt of cash and cheques for registration. He also anticipates a further sizeable sum on the final settlement of the M. K. Wild bequest. It is clear that we will be able to subsidise long courses for many years.

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