Sues Committee Meeting: 17/06/19

(Present: Hazel Fort, Peter Firth, Roger Mitchell, John Sharp)

It was agreed that we should be slightly more formal with our procedures, so the record of the previous meeting was signed.  Hazel Fort retains the original and John Sharp a copy.

There was an update on arrangements for the 2019-20 programme.

  • Continuing Education (CE) have produced an advertisement for the programme to go in their booklet, which will be published mid-July. Some minor amendments have been made. It was agreed that we should ask for 150 copies of the relevant page for circulation.
  • It was noted that there will be an adjustment in what we pay to CE; the venue for the four single-day events will cost £40 and not £25 as previously calculated.
  • CE will not charge SUES if there is no speaker/lecturer fee for an event.
  • CE will invoice SUES at the end of the year’s programme, i.e. June 2020.
  • CE will give the dates but not the titles of the single-day events.
  • We have a speaker for the November date. Dave Mercer, Senior Reserve Manager, Natural England, will give a talk on ‘The What, When, How and Why of Science at Southport’s National Nature Reserves.’ It was agreed that the meeting planned for 5th June 2020 would be a self-organised poetry event.  Hazel Fort will recruit speakers for the remaining two events.

Arrangements for the meeting on 26th July were confirmed. This will be the last in the current programme and attendance will be on the same basis as earlier meetings. Peter Firth will provide a brief note about his talk. John Sharp will arrange for details to be put on the website and will include these in a newsletter to be posted in early July.

There was discussion about the membership administration for the new programme. It was suggested that on payment of the subscription for 2019-20 (due September onwards) a membership card should be provided. The option of communication by email should be offered, though there is an argument for providing a paper copy of the annual programme.

It was confirmed that Alan Potter is authorized to purchase a laptop and extension lead for use by SUES, but recognized that a screen is not needed. Equipment will be stored for the sake of convenience at John Sharp’s house. The laptop will be used to store SUES records as well as being available as a resource for meetings.

The possibility of joining the Association for Ageing and Education was considered. Hazel Fort expressed a wish to join as an individual and it was agreed that this would provide a basis for considering joining as an institution in future.

It was agreed that we need to check with CE on insurance/public liability etc.

The next committee meeting will be held after the talk on 26th July.

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