Annual General Meeting 2018

The delayed AGM was incorporated into our lecture meeting of 23rd February. Hazel Fort reported on some of the difficulties we have experienced recently in establishing venues and times for meetings, problems which have been offset by the quality of the lectures which have been presented. We are currently working on plans for future events.

Bob Neate reported on the financial situation. In terms of an annual budget we run at a loss of £800-£900, as income from subscriptions falls well short of the costs of hiring venues and paying lecturers. However, because of the bequest of Miss M. K. Wild we still have substantial funds in the bank.

The future of the Society really depends on members. We have a contact list of 45-50 people, but attendances at meetings seldom rise above a dozen. There was some discussion about the most suitable time and venue, but it was accepted that no choice will suit everybody. The newsletter and website provide notice of events, but perhaps more could be done by the publicity that comes from word of mouth.

It was agreed that the existing committee members should remain. Bob Neate has retired from the role of treasurer and the Society owes him a great debt for his work over the years. Phyllis Gray will combine the responsibilities of secretary and treasurer, at least in the short term.

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