Judy Hermina’s Thoughts on ‘Medieval Technology in Church History’

On Saturday 4th March, 2017, an excellent lecture on ‘Medieval Technology in Church History’ was given by the extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic Mr. Peter Firth. 
Peter treated SUES members to a most informative and fascinating explanation of how science and technology developed in the Middle Ages, and of how this impacted on the design and construction of churches in Europe from the eleventh to the sixteenth centuries. During the carefully planned and very well prepared lecture, Peter told members about the many elements of technology which were introduced and developed in those times, including: the clock; the manufacture of stained glass, the production process of paper and then the all important printing press – these to name but a few!
Following the lecture, members had the opportunity for informal discussion – over cups of tea and beautiful cakes!
Many thanks to SUES for organising and hosting this superb lecture, in the lovely and welcoming venue at the Quaker Meeting House on Court Road, Southport.

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