John Sharp’s Thoughts on Stuart Sime’s ‘Money Matters’

Money Matters

So it does! And those of us who attended Stuart Sime’s lecture on 11th February have a better understanding of why. His was a wide-ranging talk about current financial and economic issues, illustrating the choices that face governments, institutions and individuals. Stuart was able to bring his own considerable experience in banking to bear on these questions, and the result was a fascinating and comprehensive survey of the present climate. He spoke with assurance and conviction and was not slow to criticise actions he considered misguided or mistaken.

What was striking was his non-partisan approach. He saw weaknesses on both wings of the political divide and assessed decisions pragmatically rather than ideologically. In some ways the old distinctions between left and right-wing have become less relevant, insofar as these imply a division between free-marketeers and social interventionists. A more balanced approach would suggest that both strategies have a part to play.

Stuart concluded by giving some useful advice on how individuals can best manage their financial affairs, a particular problem for savers at a time of low interest rates.

John Sharp

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